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The End of All Suffering


after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, establish, and strengthen you.

1 Peter 5:10

Do you realize what it means that God has “called you to his eternal glory in Christ”? It’s imperative that we understand this incredible promise. There is much suffering in this life, and if we don’t understand the plan of God, as He’s revealed it, then we worry and lose hope easily. Here’s the main thing God wants us to know – for those in Christ, the end of all suffering is glory.

Suffering, far from being a deterrent to faith, should give us strength. In Romans 8:17, St. Paul says we are heirs with Christ, if we suffer with Him. But what do we inherit? Eternal glory. That’s right, we inherit all the glory of the eternal kingdom of Christ, and as one old song writer put it, “It will be worth it all!”

So how does the knowledge of such a great inheritance help give us strength through our suffering? St. Peter has the answer; the “God of all grace” will only let us suffer, “a little while” before He brings restoration, and strength. A part of His restoration and strength is our seeing the Father was faithful to Jesus as He suffered so we can trust Him to be faithful to us also. Isn’t resurrection to eternal glory worth the suffering we endure here and now? I hope you see that it is.

Suffering comes upon all humanity because we live in a fallen world, a world temporarily ruled by sin. But sins curse is broken for those who believe in Christ. So the question isn’t will we suffer in this life, we will. The real question is how will we suffer? Will we suffer so as to gain the glory? When we choose to suffer in Christ we are flooded with waves of mercy because we never suffer alone.

Grace and Peace,

+Pastor Brad


Father of all Mercy, look upon your suffering servant even as you did your son Jesus. Help me today to see I am not alone in my suffering.  Help me to see Your restoration and strength coming to me in a little while. Amen.

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