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God Never Takes A Day Off

Click Here to Read This Week’s Gospel: Luke 13:10-17


What is the one thing you really need? Perhaps it’s the healing of an illness. Maybe it’s the reconciliation of a relationship. When you think about this one thing that is so important you fear it will never happen; it just seems impossible. You know nothing is impossible for God, but still, you just can’t see it. Why should He do this for you? Does He really even care?

One day Jesus walked into a Synagogue and seeing a woman who had suffered for eighteen years, He reached out and healed her. What’s amazing is she didn’t even ask Him. He just walked right up to her and healed her. St. Luke makes sure we understand the healing was initiated by Jesus, not by the the begging of the woman like so many others. Why? Because we need to understand that Jesus knows our every need and care. We don’t have to get His attention. It’s not about how many times we pray for the answer; it’s about God’s love for us and His knowing what’s best. God never takes a day off. Our needs and concerns are His 24/7.

The self-righteous leader of the Synagogue was indignant at the miracle Jesus performed. His narrow view of God’s mercy led him to believe all such work should be done outside of the Sabbath day. But, God never takes a day off. Among many other things, one thing Jesus came to show us is that our Father always knows all our needs, and He’s always caring for them. You can come to Him anytime, anywhere, and He’s never too busy.

It’s important to also note that on the day of the woman’s healing, she was in God’s house. She didn’t let eighteen years of disability keep her away for the assembly of God’s people on the Sabbath. I wonder how many of us realize what really happens when we come together in worship. If you’re going to worship services just to hear a good sermon or to listen to some uplifting music, or maybe even because you think you have to, you’re missing something huge.

When we attend worship services, it’s not about us, it’s about Him. To gather as one voice, one song, and one heart to offer the sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving to our Redeemer. When we come in such a spirit something miraculous happens, our God inhabits the praise of His children. We can count on it. Of course He inhabits our praise when we are alone as well, but would the woman in the gospel have been healed had she stayed home that day?

This Week:

As we begin the second week of Advent, we light the Candle of Faith. So, what is the one thing that is so important to you, it seems to consume you and your prayers? Would you look to Jesus in faith this week in a special way? Try releasing your consuming worry about this thing to Jesus, He already knows what you need. Just worship Him for who He is – your Redeemer. He’s already redeemed your life from the pit. No matter how dark it may seem, His light is brighter if you’ll open your eyes to see it.

As a way of releasing your worry to Him, why don’t you take a minute to respond to this post, and share your burden with all who read this. You don’t have to be specific if you don’t want to, God knows the details. I promise I’ll help you carry it, by posting a prayer just for you. Galatians 6:2 says we are to carry each others burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. I’m praying for you this week, whoever and wherever you are.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Brad

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

Matthew 5:6

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