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Giants in the Kingdom

Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.

Philippians 2:3

Ever notice how batteries and memory chips in today’s electronics have gotten smaller, yet exponentially more powerful? Real power can be found in small packages. The same is true in life. The real stature of a person has nothing to do with size.

Too often people equate size with power. For instance, in the modern era, taller men have been seen as stronger leaders in military and politics. Even in fairy tales, there’s always a giant in the kingdom who holds all the power. Yet in reality, physical size and looks have nothing to do with one’s ability to think or lead. So why do we tend to think in such terms? Because we look on the outside, rather than the inside.

However, God always looks on the inside. The truth is real leadership is born out of a humble nature, and St. Paul shows us the life of Jesus as our example. In the opening verses of Philippians chapter two, we see Paul calling believers to have the same mind and character as Jesus. People are not usually drawn to follow conceited personalities. Humility always trumps haughtiness.

True leaders always put the interests of those they lead above their own. The ability to do so, to lay down selfish ambition and esteem others as better than ourselves, is not part of our human nature, it reflects real power –resurrection power. Do you sense that power within you?

Are you living dad to day in the power of the resurrection, finding victory even in what looks like defeat? Let’s face it, life can seem to defeat us if we only see the need to raise ourselves up. But, when we stop putting ourselves and our ambitions first, and begin to see our life as a tool for Christ to love others through, then we find the quiet, confident power of the resurrection at work within us. Then, He raises us up to be giants in His kingdom.

Remember, Christ is risen…and so are you!

Grace & Peace,

+Pastor Brad


Father God, forgive me for my selfish and conceited ways. Help me to live daily in the power of your resurrection that allows others to see you and your spirit, in and through me. Amen. Alleluia!

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