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Finally Then, Be Strong



When you wake up to face the coming day, your morning routine probably looks something like taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating some sort of breakfast food. My ritual has always included coffee, the miracle elixir that opens the eyes more fully in the morning, and props them open later in the night. However, about a year ago my Cardiologist restricted me to decaf and cut out all forms of caffeine in my diet in an attempt keep my heart out A-Fib.

So, while my morning routine was seemingly robbed of its power (aka caffeine), guess what I did anyway? No, I didn’t drink the regular coffee. I started drinking a cup of decaf every morning first thing, just as if I were still drinking regular. Why? Because I was used to it. I liked the taste of coffee first thing in the morning. And, even though it didn’t have the same physical effect, I found it could have the same psychological effect. The very aroma and flavor signaled to my brain it was time to wake up and get going; it’s time to get prepared for the day.

Half the Battle

A famous old proverb says, “He who is well prepared has half won the battle.” History is full of examples of armies which were over confident and under prepared for their battles, like the Union army at Bull Run in the American Civil War, and the Hessian forces who fought with British in the Battle of Trenton during the American Revolutionary War. Both armies were unprepared for what lay ahead of them, mostly because they underestimated their adversary.

Sadly, many people have great morning routines to get their day started off right and well organized, but they miss the one thing that has the power to bring victory to their day – Jesus Christ. No amount of organization can prepare us for the real battles of our days without the power of Christ within us. St. Paul speaks to the Ephesians about the importance of preparing properly for the real battles we face – spiritual ones.

Being Prepared

Using the metaphor of putting on the “Armor of God”, the great Apostle shows us how unprepared we are in believing without being equipped. The Ephesians were believers in Jesus. But, the fact they believed wasn’t enough; they had to actualize their faith with preparedness, just as a soldier for battle. We’re no match on our own for Satan and his minions who seek to derail our faith. However, by centering our mind each morning on Jesus (Who is the very word of God), we put on the protection of His Armor, the Holy Spirit.

This Week

If you aren’t preparing for your day and all the battles it will bring by centering yourself on Christ, now is the time to begin. You may be going to church, and even meeting in a small group to grow as a disciple, but if you’re not daily putting on the Armor of God by centering yourself on Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit, you’re going into battle unprepared. Don’t take the grace of God for granted. Think of the Holy Spirit like you would that morning cup of coffee; don’t leave home without Him. When you reach for that morning cup of whatever gets you going, don’t forget where the real source of power comes from…“Finally then, be strong in the Lord”

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Brad

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Matthew 5:6

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