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Don’t Just Say It – Do It!

Nevertheless, you have done well that you shared in my distress. 15 Now you Philippians know also that in the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church shared with me concerning giving and receiving but you only. 

Philippians 4:14-15

Words can be full of feeling, but empty of meaning. Ever been told by someone they were thinking of you, but somehow you doubted it? Or even worse, have you ever told someone you’d pray for them, but didn’t? Of course you have; we all have. Sadly, it seems human nature to do so, but it’s not supposed to be the nature of those who live in the power of resurrection.

Of all people, Christians should follow through with our good intentions. There’s no doubt that many of the churches St. Paul had planted and visited, told him as he was leaving that they would pray for him and support his ministry. His missionary journey’s were often filled with danger and uncertainty. While we can only assume they did pray for him, apparently many of the them never followed through with the support. I’m sure they had the best of intentions. After all, so did we, right?

The Philippians were different. They shared in Paul’s distress by sending not just their prayers, but material support as well. They put their money where their mouth was. When we follow through to do what we say we will do, it makes a difference in the one we give to as well as ourselves. The one who gives is blessed to be a blessing. It may well have caused them some financial distress to send their gifts to Paul, but by doing so they became sharers not only in his distress, but in his victories as well.

One important step forward in doing, and not just saying is to go ahead and pray for someone right then, when you’re telling them you’ll be praying. Don’t just say it – do it!

And remember, Christ is risen…and so are you!

Grace & Peace,

+Pastor Brad


Gracious Father, help me to be a “doer” and not a just a “sayer“. Help me to realize the power of the resurrection within me to make good on my intentions…to just do it! Amen. Alleluia!

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