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It was dusk as I pulled into my driveway. In fact, darkness was falling by the seconds. There were no lights on in our house. All the curtains were still open, my first clue that something was wrong. My wife, Rhonda, was seven months pregnant with our first child and the house was full of moving boxes, which were in plain view from the uncovered windows. Rhonda never left the curtains open as night fell.

I don’t know why, but instead of entering the house from the back as usual, I went to the front door. I guess I just wanted to look around to see if Rhonda was outside by the neighbor’s. I didn’t see her anywhere. As I stepped up onto the porch, I caught the glimpse of a large man crouched down beside me, just inside the brick wall that wrapped around the porch. What happened next seemed almost like an outer body experience as I look back on it.

Standing there in my designer suit (I was a clothing salesman), and in my meanest, gruffest voice (not very mean, I’m sure), I called out, “Hey! What are you doing on my porch?” Much to my surprise the man answered, “I think I’m going to be sick”. He then acted as if he was going to throw up. In one of those moments that had to be God inspired I said (still as gruff as I could), “If you’re sick, I’ll go get help”. I then backed down the steps, never taking my eye off the man, and proceeded to walk backward toward my neighbor’s house. As I reached the neighbors yard the man on my porch got up and ran away – he was about twice my size!

I nearly collapsed from the rush of adrenaline my system must have used over those last few seconds. As I collected my thoughts and immediately praised God for His deliverance from what could have been a very ugly, perhaps deadly situation, my sweet, pregnant wife came out of the neighbor’s house across the street to return home – in the dark! She’d lost track of time.

In Psalm 18 we read of David’s praise to God for delivering him from his enemies, even King Saul and his armies. In verses 8-18, David, recounts the miraculous deliverance of God as he sings about the cataclysmic nature of God’s power and might to protect those who are blameless. In verse 21 he proclaims the Lord will reward those who are righteous. Prophetically, the Church hears the voice of Jesus in praise to His Father for delivering Him from His enemies, even death.

What do you need deliverance from today? Like David and Jesus, perhaps you feel like your enemies surround you on every side? Things may even seem impossible, but I have good news for you. With God all things are possible. Our God brings deliverance for the blameless, for those who trust in Him. The word used in scripture as deliverance is the same word for salvation in the original language. Salvation is assured for those serve God, for those who trust in Him, no matter what. Won’t your trust Him today?

And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.” (Psalm 9:10)


Pastor Brad

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