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All That Is Hidden Will Be Revealed


This Week’s Gospel – Click to Read: Luke 8:41-56

Jesus Heals the Woman With the Issue of Blood


It is a sad commentary that some who come to faith in Jesus Christ think they can hide the fact from everyone around them. They want the healing that comes through Jesus, but they really do not want to change; they are afraid to be seen as, somehow, different. But, the truth is once we have encountered the risen Christ in a personal way we are different, and we will never be the same again.

The gospel this week tells of a woman who wanted desperately to be healed of her affliction. In fact, she had spent most of her money going to doctors, year after year, but to no avail; none could heal her. Then, she met Jesus.

She heard He was coming to her village. The crowds were huge that day. The streets were like wall-to-wall people crammed together all trying to get a get a glimpse of the miracle worker. Some perhaps, wanted to try and touch Him thinking that would make them well. Such was the lady whom had spent her life’s savings on doctors that could never heal her.

When the woman actually got close enough to Jesus to touch his garments, she felt it. She knew it had worked. She could feel it in her body. She was healed – instantly! All those years and all that money wasted, looking for a cure that came with just a touch. Why? What was different? This time she came in faith, not to a man, but to God.

Everyone had said Jesus was the Messiah. She had heard such amazing stories; the blind saw, the lame walked, the dead were raised. She knew it must be true. Her faith told her if she could just touch Him, she too would be healed. And so she was.

You would think she would have shouted for joy! I think I would have screamed Hallelujah! But, not her. Verse 47 says that when she realized she was not hidden, she fell at Jesus’ feet. Not only did Jesus know she was healed, everyone else did too as He exclaimed, “Who touched me?”

We can’t come to Jesus on our own terms, expecting to get everything we want, and not have to give anything in return. Hey “I thought grace was free”, you say? Grace is free, but Jesus is not a vending machine. We cannot just come to Jesus anytime we want, put in a quarter, and get whatever we want, then walk away as if we just made a secret transaction. No, Jesus wants us to show the world what He has done for us.

The woman wanted to stay hidden. She wanted to go back to living her private life with her newly healed body as if nothing ever happened. When Jesus touches our lives it is a big deal! So big that He wants the world to know.

Why is it so important for us to show the world what Jesus has done for us? Because, He is the answer to all the world’s needs and if we don’t tell what He has done for us, others will continue looking for answers in all the wrong places. They will keep wasting their money on would be cures that never happen. Our testimony might be the key to unlocking Jesus’ healing in someone else.

This Week:

What about you? Are you still living as if you are trying to hide like the woman did. I know God wants to touch your life in a powerful and meaningful way. He wants to heal all that is broken in you. But, He wants you to give Him the glory, and you do that by telling others what He has done for you.

Won’t you come to Jesus with all your needs. He may take the burden away from you, or give you the grace to bear up under it, either way His healing is always perfect. Let him heal you, and then live out your amazing testimony. Others will see, and others will come. All that is hidden will one day be revealed.

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Brad

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

Matthew 5:6

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